Burkert Hackathon event Nov 19-21, 2021

The event is free to participate.  Each participant will select their choice of the three topics offered, with the winner of each topic to receive prize money.  Participation in any type of Hackathon can also provide lasting job opportunity benefits – as a challenge to the student, a resume builder, and interesting interview discussions.

The link to register is:

Below are the Hackathon topics developed for STEM students to select one:

  • FLOWave DataStream
    • Task: Use and control a FLOWave (SAW flowmeter) controlled system.
      • Automation Engineers and e-Developers
      • Mechanical, Electrical, and Computer Engineering Majors
  • Big Data Analytics
    • Task:  Extend one of our products with a data-driven approach by using an experimental dataset of the product.
      • Mathematical and Statistical Majors
      • Data Analysis and Computer Science Majors
  • CAD Rendering
    • Task:  Make your own automated photo realistic rendering tool.
      • Software engineers  and Engineering majors

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