Mortar Board Leadership Conference

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The 2022 Mortar Board Leadership Conference’s theme is Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). The goals of this event are to challenge attendees to think of DEI more concretely and consistently, and grant attendees a space to learn from each other in terms of how they can create more equitable spaces. We are excited to have an event on Purdue’s campus that is dedicated to creating an opportunity to understand the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in leadership. 

We will be hosting a one day conference with two tracks: learners and changemakers. The learner track will be intended for people who don’t actively do diversity work and/or do not typically seek education/theory on oppression. The changemaker track will be intended for people who are familiar with social justice-related concepts and actively engage with theory, activists, and general discourse.  Each track will contain 3-4 workshops that are led by passionate leaders and professionals with a large breadth of knowledge. There will be cross over with both tracks for opportunities to learn from peers and engage in conversation. This conference will be held January 29th, be free to all attendees, be available for access both virtually and in person, and be open to any and all.

To register, individuals simply need to fill out this google form, and we will be in touch with them with further details and information regarding the event.

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