EDPS 177 (Free Elective)

Study Skills Seminar (GS 177) is now Learning and Regulation Strategies for College Success (EDPS 177)

The long-standing three-credit study skills course at Purdue has a new course number and home.  Still taught by Impact fellow Brenda Downing, it is offered twice this Fall:

10:30-11:45     TR     CRN 15381

12:00 – 1:15     TR     CRN 15380

Both sections are in Wilmeth Active Learning Center B091

This course, designed to help students improve their college academic success by learning more efficiently and effectively, examines and applies a toolkit of study skills, learning, motivation, and regulation strategies essential for lifelong learning.

Students will:

  • Integrate evidence-based strategies to improve learning across environments and disciplines;
  • Apply self-regulation techniques to strengthen learning; and
  • Develop confidence in implementing learning strategies for college success, including working in groups.

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