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Interested in a Short-Term Engineering Program (STEP)?

Below is a list of the STEP programs available for Spring Break and May 2022 with links for more information and application:

Spring Break 2022

Intro to Silicon Valley and the Tech Industry  Led by Joe Tort of the Office of Professional Practice
            -Open two all of Engineering with preference given to 1st and 2nd year students

Maymester 2022

ME 35400 Machine Design I in Prague Led by Prof. Jitesh Panchal
            -Open to all students in ME who have satisfactorily completed the prerequisites for this course prior to departure.

Industrial Microbial Biotechnology in Germany  Led by Prof. Abby Engelberth
            -Open to ABE and ChE, Biochemistry, and Food Science.

ME 27000 Basic Mechanics I in Rome Led by Prof. Chuck Krousgrill
            Open to any engineering student who has this course in their plan of study and has satisfactorily completed the prerequisites prior to departure.

ME 20000 Thermodynamics I in Stockholm Led by Prof. Carl Wassgren
            -Open to any engineering student who has this course in their plan of study and has satisfactorily completed the perquisites prior to departure.

Regulatory and Clinical Science for Global Health in Japan Led by Prof. Aaron Lottes
            -Open to all engineering students who have reached sophomore status (prior to departure) through seniors. 

Practical Utility Platform- Kenya Led by Prof John Lumkes
            -Open to students who work with Prof. John Lumkes and David Wilson on the basic utility vehicle project.  If you are interested in joining this team contact Prof. Lumkes or David Wilson directly.

Biomedical Modeling for Global Health in Scandinavia  Led by Profs. Elsje Pienaar and Joseph Rispoli
            -Open to all Engineering students who have reached sophomore status prior to the start of the program. 

Automation and Connectivity for Sustainable Development of Resilient Infrastructure in Singapore Led by Prof. Sam Labi
            -Open to all engineering students who have reached sophomore status (prior to departure) through seniors

Bioinspired Materials and Structures- Singapore Led by Prof. Andres Arrieta
            -Open to all Engineering students who have completed their sophomore year of studies through seniors.  Students in related majors such as Biology and Chemistry are eligible to apply.

Evolution of European Transportation Systems and Supply Chains -Germany and UK Led by Prof. Darcy Bullock and Debbie Horton
            -Open to all engineering students in good standing at any level

EPICS in Puerto Rico-Natural Disaster Preparedness Led by Jorge Martinez
            -Open to all engineering students who are or will join the EPICS team led by Jorge Martinez.  If you wish to join EPICS, contact Prof. Martinez

Lakota Culture, Design, and Service Experience in South Dakota-EPICS
            -Open to all engineering students at any level 

COMING SOON!  Artificial Intelligence in Engineering-Jordan– Led by Prof. Hany Abdel-Khalik of Nuclear Engineering.   Will be open to all engineering students who have reached sophomore status prior to departure.  Application link coming soon!

Study Abroad

Study Abroad Office Updates

The Study Abroad Office is continuing to work remotely, but we are still very much present. See below on the ways we are working to make getting in contact with us even easier for you and your students:  

1) Virtual Advising Appointments – available by requesting on our website: (students will also find “Make An Appointment” under our contact drop-down).

2) Virtual Information Sessions – we’re hosting a series of virtual information sessions, callouts and webinars throughout the semester! Encourage students to check out our Calendar of Events: (also accessible through the calendar icon on our main page).

3) Video Resource Library – we’ve been recording our virtual sessions so students can go back and review, or see them even if they couldn’t attend live: (also accessible through the Programs drop-down menu).

4) New Advisor Profiles page – to get to know us a bit more, we’ve added a bio page for our advisors to our website as well: (students will find “Study Abroad Advisors” under our contact menu)

5) There will be no study abroad fair this year. Instead, we are replacing it with the virtual video series and virtual callouts for many of our programs.

As for the COVID-19 question, in one of our latest videos “Study Abroad 101 & COVID-19 updates” we address what we know so far about how COVID-19 will affect Spring 2021 and beyond. These updates are at the beginning of the video. In short, we are accepting applications for Spring 2021 and encourage students to apply, but also to have a back-up plan as some locations may become unavailable for Spring 2021.