2019 Alan Mulally Leadership in Engineering Scholarship

On July 1, 2014, Alan Mulally stepped down as President and Chief Executive Officer of Ford Motor Company. To honor his outstanding service to Ford, the Company established a new global scholarship program – The Alan Mulally Leadership in Engineering Scholarship.

 The Alan Mulally Engineering Scholarship program is a $1,000,000 fund to be paid out at the rate of $100,000 per year for 10 years.
 This funding will support the awarding of ten $10,000 scholarships to outstanding sophomore or junior engineering students at ten premiere partner universities around the globe – one scholarship winner per school

Scholarship Process
 At least five of the schools will be U.S. based each year. For U.S. based schools, the Advisory Board will use Ford HR Recruiting’s list of Premier Recruiting Schools to select 5 final candidate schools. For the non-U.S. schools, each year The Advisory Board will reach out to Ford representatives from each region (NA, FSAO, FoE, APA) and select up to 5 schools to participate each year.
 To be considered for this scholarship, students will have to be entering their sophomore or junior years of study, meeting the specified minimum GPA requirement, pursuing a degree related in some way to automotive engineering, and have demonstrated leadership skills in academic or community-based settings. Review the criteria and requirements below.
 Ford Representatives (from Ford Fund, Ford PD, and Ford HR Recruiting) will communicate with the participating schools to make sure they are using the criteria listed below and keep on timeline to select a scholarship winner.
 Each participating university will be responsible for selecting one scholarship recipient.
 Once the recipient is selected, we ask the university lead contact to ask the student to complete the Ford Blue Oval Network consent form.
 Scholarship recipients will be connected with our Ford Blue Oval Scholars database, which allows the company to maintain an ongoing relationship with its scholarship winners.

– Undergraduate Sophomore or Junior; Year 2 or 3
– *GPA will be determined during the conference call based on each region.
o US: 3.5 or higher GPA
– Majors related to Automotive Engineering- Preferred majors: Mechanical, Electrical, or Computer Science Engineering
– Strong communication skills (i.e. English Proficient)
– Leadership role in academic or community based- settings (ex. On campus organizations, community volunteer work, other engineering related activities)

– 1 recommendation letter from a faculty member
– 1 page essay (400-500 words) describing their interest in Automotive Engineering, leadership role(s) held, and why they’re the best candidate for this scholarship

Post Scholarship by: February 6
Scholarship Recipient selection due to Ford by: April 3

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