[Purdue MARS] Recruitment

Dear fellow students,

We are Purdue MARS, a multidisciplinary student organization dedicated to promoting and supporting the journey to Mars. Our vision is to:

1) create awareness of these efforts via forums
2) encourage greater inter-departmental collaborations via networking sessions
3) advance technology and fire passion via analog astronautics
4) foster a community to celebrate space endeavors via live-telecasts and guest speakers
5) transfer knowledge and kindle kinship via mentoring student competitions; and,
6) inspire the younger generation to become more involved via outreach events

In all activities, we encourage greater student and faculty engagement in the robotic and human exploration of Mars.

Currently, there are several positions open:

  • Treasurer
  • Outreach Chair
  • Event Planner

These positions aim to develop the leadership potential of students and increase their exposure to various departments through professional networking.

Please fill out this form by next Fri 9/20 at 11:59 pm if you are interested in a position. 

Best Regards,

The Purdue MARS Board


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