ME Connect | Friday, Oct. 25th

Please SAVE THE DATE of October 25th @ 3-5pm for the 1st annual ME CONNECT event.  The purpose of this event is to build connections across ME students, staff, & faculty and across ME locations on & off campus. We will have good food, fun engagement activities, & great prizes such as $50 gift cards for Purdue gear and tickets to the 11/2 football game in the Shively Club Suite.

This event is brought to you by the School of ME (thanks Professor Groll!) & the ME Culture Strategic Doing Team:
ME Students – Jon Limp, Matt Meier, Jay Pike, Abby Ratkovich, Ilana Roth
ME Staff – Julia King, Martha Lucht, Lisa Meyers, Ed Morrison, John Pearson, Jared Pike, Ruth Rothstein, Robin Sipes, Ada Uche, DJ Wilkinson

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