Aerospace Employment Opportunities

Aerospace Employment Opportunities

TMD Defense and Space has the following openings for highly motivated, experienced Engineers.  These positions are in support of a near-term (6 month duration) project to complete the design and initial flight qualification of a hypersonic vehicle for near-space testing of sensor systems and reentry dynamics.  All positions involve systems-level engineering in addition to the stated areas of specialization, including 3D parametric CAD and computational simulation and analysis.  Work environment emphasizes novel solutions to complex physical problems, and a hands-on approach to flight hardware development and manufacturing.  It is anticipated that successful candidates will be offered continued full-time employment to support the follow-on aspects of this program, with a 10+ year lifecycle.

Note:  As used herein, “Experience” can be any combination of University, Industry, or Amateur Rocketry work.

Aeronautical Engineer
Experience with both experimental and computational fluid dynamics of slender bodies in high-supersonic and hypersonic flows. 6DOF performance modeling, particularly of launch vehicles, sounding rockets, or tactical missiles. Working level knowledge of aeroelastic loads analysis and aeroheating are desired, as well as thermal protection methods & materials.  Experience with flight safety analysis is a plus.

Structural Mechanical Engineer
Experience with design and structural loads analysis of missile airframes, utilizing both homogeneous and composite materials, including ceramics and metal matrix composites. Analysis experience involving non-rigid body aeroelasticity and flutter phenomena desired.  Working level knowledge of pressure vessels and high temperature properties of materials are a plus.

Solid Propulsion Engineer
Experience with design and performance prediction of solid rocket motors, utilizing well-characterized composite propellants, grain geometries, and methods of fabrication.  Static testing and data collection experience is essential. Propellant safety and operational & environmental qualification testing experience is a plus.  

Guidance, Navigation and Control Engineer
Experience with established methodology and hardware techniques for both endoatmospheric and exoatmospheric control, as well as control algorithm development.  6DOF simulation and analysis of complex trajectories, including HIL control systems testing. Familiarity with vehicle dynamics sensors and control hardware are essential.  This position involves ab initio development of novel control strategies, and extensive hardware design experience is a plus.

Information for Applicants

TMD is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

US Citizenship is required, and must be eligible for, or already have, a US security clearance.

Salaries are dependent on relevant experience and education.  The are no specific degree requirements;  it is expected that applicants will have commensurate qualifications for the position(s) they are applying for.

Relocation is not required for the initial 6-month phase of this program.  Relocation preferences and available locations will be negotiated on an individual basis for those candidates that desire to continue with full-time employment.

Please submit your Resume/CV to TMD at .  Confirmation of receipt will be provided.

Applicants who are only able to work part-time should note this when submitting Resume/CV.

All applicant information will be held in strict confidence, and not disclosed outside of TMD.  Applicant information will be used solely for determining employment eligibility.

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