L.A.S.O.S NEW Program at FLACSO-Argentina

In the current scenario that COVID-19 is shanking the world, and besides, we don´t precisely know the transformative result and the total consequences for International Education. Even in a global context where international travel is not feasible for summer 2020, We at @Adelastudyabroad of @FLACSO Argentina, continue with the commitment to our goals to enhance transnational connection, global education, and deepening intercultural dialogues more than ever! 

That is why I am so excited to announce the launch of a new immersive and innovative virtual study abroad experience: Latin American Online Summer (L.A.S.O.S.) This four weeks-long program, based out of Area de Estudios Latinoamerican.

Despite the virtual nature of the program, our classes use participatory and discussion-based pedagogy to encourage meaningful student participation. The classes will consist of live lectures and discussion sessions, interactive activities, multimedia resources, forum debates, and online essay submission and feedback, which will give students the possibility to work with professors and students from different disciplines and engage deeply with the course material. As part of the course schedule, students will have the opportunity to virtually interview esteemed guest lecturers such as politicians, social activists, policymakers, local artists, and many more. The program will contain a mix of students from the United States, Canada, and Latin America, allowing participants to build connections with students from other cultures and social realities. 

We have also developed the Intercultural Learning Initiative. The one-credit optional workshop included at no extra cost in which students will be able to engage with Argentine culture through activities such as virtually debates, master classes, live performances, and the Rio de la Plata Spanish language learning. See the information below!

Please share with anyone that might be interested and contact us to continue working on institutional collaborations.

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