Fall 2020: CS 19000DEP (free)

In Fall 2020 CS will pilot a Data Engineering in Python course – CS 19000DEP.  The course description is below.

The course introduces students to programming fundamentals in Python and provides an introduction to data engineering including  working with common data formats and learning the basics of data wrangling. Students will format, extract, clean, filter, transform, search, combine, summarize, aggregate, and visualize a diverse range of data sets.  The fundamentals of database management systems are introduced and the SQL language is used to create, query, aggregate, and update relational databases. Python libraries including MatPlotLib and pandas are used. 

The course will be a 100 level, 3 credit, first computing course with no prerequisites. The fall offering will have a limit of 40 students. We aim to have a diverse group of students without prior computing experience in order to calibrate the course and lab material appropriately. We are particularly interested in students who will be freshmen or sophomores.

Those who submit a request for the course through the Special Registration system will receive a survey. Survey information will be used to allocated seats to a diverse group as outlined, and students will be notified whether a space is available on or after August 8th.

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