PURDUE ASHRAE Club callout

Hi everyone and welcome back to the semester.

Please join us for the first ASHRAE Club virtual meeting next Thursday (September 3rd) at 5 PM. (See the meeting invite)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Zoom Link to ASHRAE Callout 2020<<<<<<<<<<<<<

We will do some short interactive activities, brainstorm and vote on events for the year, as well as discuss new officer positions.

If you are interested in being an ASHRAE officer or planning an event, please reach out to Danielle at with a short statement of your interest (2-3 sentences). No experience necessary but curiosity and passion is helpful.

Official positions include:

  • President (currently Danielle)
  • Treasurer (currently Jinglin)
  • Academic Chair (currently Zhu)
  • Industry Chair (currently Sourabh, recently Nick Salts)

I encourage all of you to really consider an officer position! I saw a lot of future leaders when I talked to you last year and would be excited to help out in any way for new leadership.

You can become an official student member of ASHRAE for $25 at this link:

See you soon!


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