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Dear Purdue Undergraduate Students,

The Purdue Puentes Project (PPP) is a research study focused on Latino youth and mothers in farmworker families in Indiana. This five-year study is led by Dr. Yumary Ruiz (Dept. of Public Health) and Dr. Zoe Taylor (Dept. of Human Dev. & Family Studies) funded by the National Institute of Minority Health Disparities. We will be collecting data with youth and their mothers that focuses on mental and physical health, adjustment, and resilience.

We are looking for summer research assistants and would like for you to consider working on our team! Research Assistants may receive research credits and/or paid opportunities. Minimum weekly commitment is 15 hours, but hours may vary case by case. Research assistants will help with data collection (such as administering surveys), conduct one-on-one interviews with youth participants, assist with recruitment, and other tasks.

We encourage interested students to reach out directly to Michelle Ramirez, the PPP Project Manager, at

Please send us your CV/resume as well as a couple of paragraphs explaining 1) Why you are interested in working with the Purdue Puentes Project team. 2) Your specific skills such as Spanish level, experience working with families or other research experiences, communication skills etc; and 3) Your availability over the summer (dates and hours per week) and whether you would be interested in taking research credits in the fall to continue working with us.

As we hope to get our team together by the end of the semester, we will start accepting students soon. Please email us before April 5th, although we will consider applicants who contact us after that date as well.

Please let us know if you are interested in joining the Purdue Puentes Project!

Michelle Ramirez
Project Manager
Purdue Puentes Project

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