ME Elective: Introduction to Electronics Packaging and Heterogeneous Integration

The worldwide electronics market is over one trillion dollars in size. Electronics is of critical strategic importance to the nation’s future as the global semiconductor shortage has showed us over the past 18 months. The strategic importance of electronics has caused the United States Senate to pass the United States Innovation and Competition Act (USICA, S.1260). The bill provides $52 Billion of funding for domestic semiconductor research, development, and fabrication.

This course titled “Introduction to Electronics Packaging and Heterogeneous Integration” is intended to train students in design and characterization of electronic components and assemblies. Purdue University together with other leaders in electronics packaging research and education – Georgia Tech, SUNY Binghamton, Arizona State University, and Vanderbilt University – has developed this course to help train students. Taking the course will make students eligible for internships offered by several national labs during the summer of 2022.

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