Die Cast Engineering Scholarship Aps Due Oct. 1

The North American Die Casting Association (NADCA) is committed to educational outreach about our industry and providing internship and scholarship opportunities to college engineering students. We are asking for your help spreading the word about our David Laine Internship & Scholarship Program. This year’s scholarship deadline is October 1.

The program provides scholarships to college students that have interned with die casting companies/companies that are suppliers to the die casting industry. In 2021, the David Laine Intern and Scholarship Program awarded 12 students with scholarships ranging from $750-$2500! Students are eligible to apply each year of their undergraduate studies, if they have worked in the industry during that year.  We have had some Laine Scholarship recipients who have received scholarships three years in a row! 

If you have any graduate engineering students, they may be interested in learning about the Steven J. Harmon Scholarship

The following link provides details on both scholarship programs:

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North American Die Casting Association

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