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Student Research Assistant Opportunity

Student Research Assistant Opportunity

Prof. Luna Lu’s Research Lab at Civil Engineering is looking for an undergraduate Research Assistant to help on IoT sensor device development. The candidate will assist on the data processing, electronic design and development of data loggers for sensors. This is part of a federally sponsored project.

The undergraduate research assistant (RA) will help a research project that develops novel nondestructive testing methods for cementitious materials, e.g., mortar and concrete. The RA will work closely with PhD students with civil and electrical engineering backgrounds at HAMP building. The RA will be mentored with experimental skills and be actively involved in the experiment process. Specific tasks will vary depending on the progress of the project. Some common tasks are sample preparation, labelling, data collection and instrument maintenance.

Interested candidates are requested to email Zhihao KONG at and copy Prof. Luna Lu at to express their interest, along with their resume.

Prof. Luna Lu (link) and her Joe and Lisa Shetterley Innovation Lab focus on developing new technologies for advancement and problem-solving in sensors and construction, and have contributions in optoelectronic materials development, energy harvesting, and advanced sensing.

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