First Time Researcher Fellowship

Dear Students,

We have some great opportunities to get you started in research.

First-Time Researcher Fellowship is accepting applications through 10/14/2022. Purdue Engineering Undergraduate students with no prior college-level research experience are eligible. To apply for these opportunities, you need to submit your resume and cover letter. Log in to the Engineering Symplicity portal to view project details and submit the application:

Selected students will receive a competitive fellowship (up to $1000) to begin their research position in the Spring semester (approximately equivalent to 3 credit hours worth of time commitment / 10 hours per week).  

Please feel free to reach out to the project point of contact and/or engineering undergraduate research office ( if you have any questions. A list of projects is below:

Project TitleJob Tag – IDPoint of Contact Project TitleJob Tag – IDPoint of Contact
Fast heat treatment on multi-layer materialsFTR-1-3749Prof. Yi Xie
 Modeling Random Magnets for Probablistic ComputingFTR-2-3750Prof. Peter Bermel Jie Zhu
Modeling High Efficiency Thermovoltaic SystemsFTR-3-3751Prof. Peter Bermel Jie Zhu
 Deep Learning Analysis of Cardiac Imaging in Pediatric Heart DiseaseFTR-4-3752Prof. Craig Goergen Conner Earl
Normal Influence Diagram Algorithm ImplementationFTR-5-3753Prof. Bob Kenley
 Human Factors Engineering: Enhancing Performance of Nurses and SurgeonsFTR-6-3754Professor Denny Yu
SoCET: System on Chip design, verification, software development, testFTR-7-3755Prof. Mark C Johnson
 Increasing Fairness in Engineering Exams: Who’s real-world experience is represented?FTR-8-3756Prof. Kerrie Douglas Shauna Adams
Drug delivery device characterizationFTR-9-3757Prof. Martin Jun
 Radiation-Hardened ElectronicsFTR-10-3758Prof. Peter Bermel Prof. Allen Garner
Heterogeneous Integrations / Advanced PackagingFTR-11-3759Prof. Ale Strachan Prof. Ganesh Subbarayan
 High-throughput neural interface technologyFTR-12-3760Prof. Meng Cui
Esophageal StentFTR-13-3761Prof. Aaron Lottes Prof. Andrew Brightman
 Postural and Cognitive Effects of Wearing an Exoskeleton on BricklayersFTR-14-3762Prof. Behzad Esmaeili
An automated worker-in-the-loop in the construction industryFTR-15-3763Prof. Behzad Esmaeili
 Olefin Oligomerization Using Single Site Lewis Acid CatalystsFTR-16-3764Christian Breckner David Dean Prof. Jeffrey T. Miller
Machine Learning for Nanophotonics and Quantum ComputingFTR-15-3765Blake Wilson Prof. Alexandra Boltasseva
 Comparing Irradiation Performance of Advanced Manufactured to Conventionally Manufactured AlloysFTR-18-3766Prof. Janelle Wharry
Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Continuous Pharmaceutical ManufacturingFTR-19-3767Prof. Gintaras V. Reklaitis Rexonni B. Lagare
 Smart manufacturing of pharmaceutical tablets in a continuous dry granulation lineFTR-20-3768Yan-Shu Huang Prof. Gintaras V. Reklaitis
Material, interface, and device modelingFTR-21-3769Prof. Tillmann Kubis Namita Narendra
 X-ray Microscopy of the Evolution of Coffee BeansFTR-22-3770Prof. Nik Chawla Eshan Ganju
Feedback Effects and the Inflation Reduction ActFTR-23-3771Prof. John Mulrow
 Polymer Surface Topography Control with SoundFTR-24-3772Prof. Chelsea Davis
Transformable Robots for Planetary Exploration MissionsFTR-25-3773Prof. Ran Dai
 Hydropower Collegiate CompetitionFTR-26-3774Sultan Nejati
Algorithms and Systems for 360 degree video streaming over the InternetFTR-27-3775Prof. Sanjay Rao Chandan Bothra

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