Sustainability in Action: Looking for Talented and Passionate Students

During COVID, more than 800 classrooms were equipped with plexiglass shielding which has been removed and could have headed for a landfill.  Instead, the EPICS Lakota team is working to repurpose the materials in partnership with the Oglala Lakota College on Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota to design passive solar heaters, greenhouses and storm windows using the materials from the Purdue classrooms.

We need more creative students to help design, test and develop concepts with the tribal college that will meet the needs of the residents of the reservation.  No experience or pre-requisites are required, and all are welcome.  Experience in construction, air flow, materials, heat transfer and design are helpful but not necessary.  Designs will be developed and tested in our labs to be built at the tribal college.  

Contact with questions on how to register or stop by the EPICS office in 1200 ARMS. You will find the needed CRNs below as you would want to register for the lab and the corresponding lecture CRN. Questions about the project can be directed to Prof. Oakes at

EPICS Lakota, meets on Fridays at 3:30-5:20 pm

Friday3:30-5:20 PM ARMS 1098C
EPCS10100First Yr Part In EPICSLAB7119591
EPCS10200First Yr Part In EPICSLAB7119602
EPCS111001st Sem First Yr EPICS LCLAB715657 
EPCS121002nd Sem First Yr EPICS LCLAB7166121
EPCS20100Soph Part in EPICSLAB7119611
EPCS20200Soph Part in EPICSLAB7119622
EPCS30100Jr Part in EPICSLAB7119631
EPCS30200Jr Part in EPICSLAB7119642
EPCS40100Sr Part in EPICSLAB7119651
EPCS40200Sr Part in EPICSLAB7119822
EPCS41100Sr Design Part in EPICSLAB7119971
EPCS41200Sr Design Part in EPICSLAB7120342
LectureArrange Hours
EPCS10100First Yr Part In EPICSLECArr 1 Hr192911
EPCS10200First Yr Part In EPICSLECArr 1 Hr538162
EPCS111001st Sem First Yr EPICS LCLECArr 1 Hr157351
EPCS121002nd Sem First Yr EPICS LCLECArr 1 Hr165842
EPCS20100Soph Part in EPICSLECArr 1 Hr391681
EPCS20200Soph Part in EPICSLECArr 1 Hr463552
EPCS30100Jr Part in EPICSLECArr 1 Hr394021
EPCS30200Jr Part in EPICSLECArr 1 Hr463482
EPCS40100Sr Part in EPICSLECArr 1 Hr394011
EPCS40200Sr Part in EPICSLECArr 1 Hr463532
EPCS41100Sr Design Part in EPICSLABArr 1 Hr552671
EPCS41200Sr Design Part in EPICSLABArr 1 Hr552792

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