Part-time Internship Opportunities Spring 2023 at Wabash (Lafayette, IN)

Looking for a mechanical engineering intern for the spring 2023 semester (now) to do Design of Experiments (DOE) in regards to hypothesis that are tied to the weight gain / outgassing of our insulated refrigerated products (AcuTherm).  The candidate will be successful by working with the engineering team to determine what those hypothesis are, then brainstorming small scale experiments that can prove or disprove the hypothesis at a small scale.  Once proven hypothesis are uncovered, the intern will scale from a small scale to a larger scale in an attempt to calculate and quantify what the weight gain results will be at a full scale. In order to be successful, 8-16 hours per week is desirable.  The candidate will primarily work from the Purdue Railyard (Wabash owns an office here) or remote from campus, but will need to be present at the R&D test lab (Lafayette) either conducting the tests themselves, or working alongside with our lab technicians to assure maximum velocity and efficiency. Contact Sonny Pham ( with a resume.

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