Die Casting Industry Seeks Intern Candidates

The North American Die Casting Association (NADCA) offers internship and scholarship opportunities to college engineering students, but we do not have the audience of young engineers that you have. Die castings are a vital, though usually invisible component to so many products that surround us in our everyday lives*. We hope you will consider sharing with your classes the opportunities of this continually emerging technology by informing your students about the David Laine Internship & Scholarship Program (or if you can forward this to the right person to handle this request at your school). The program provides scholarships to college students that have interned with die casting companies/companies that are suppliers to the die casting industry. This past fall, the David Laine Intern and Scholarship Program awarded 13 students* with scholarships ranging from $1500-$5000. Students reported that they gained work experience in machine operation, safety checks, quality control, die design and maintenance, streamlining, and robot programing (+ more).

NADCA is currently gathering resumes for its Intern Program, which will be promoted to die casting industry executives and HR departments across North America. Students that wish to be considered for an internship should send their resumes to with a general letter of interest including any related work experience and focus of study(PDF documents preferred). Students must note their geographic area of interest to work (around school, around home or if willing to re-locate for the summer) and that will be included in the student database. Materials are due February 28. Interested companies will contact students directly. Students that work internships are not required to apply for the scholarship and scholarship applicants do NOT need to source the internship through NADCA to be eligible to apply. Graduate students may be interested to learn about the Steven J. Harmon Memorial Scholarship Program. The purpose of this scholarship is to raise an awareness and interest in the die casting industry, as well as to promote die cast technology through engineering education while honoring Mr. Harmon, who was a leader in the die casting industry.

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