Spring 2024 ME Elective Course Descriptions

ME 300 – Thermodynamics II
ME 440 – Green Engines & Clean Fuels
ME 500 – Advanced Thermodynamics

ME 49601CF – Computational Fluid Dynamics

ME 444 (L) – Computer Aided Design & Prototyping
ME 554 (1 credit hr.) – Intellectual Property Law for Engineers

Systems, Measurements, & Controls
ME 430 – Power Engineering
ME 475 (L) – Automatic Control Systems
ME 588 (L) – Mechatronics (Minimum Grade of B in ME 375. May not be taken concurrently).

ME 363 (L) – Principles and Practice of Manufacturing Processes
ME 49601T – Tools, Methods, and Techniques for Rapid, Iterative Product Design and Analysis
ME 597II – Industrial IoT Implementation for Smart Manufacturing

Solid Mechanics
ME 489 (L) – Introduction to Finite Element Analysis

Acoustics & Vibrations
ME 413 – Noise Control

ME 492 – Technology & Values

Energy Systems
ME 415 – Energy Systems Engineering
ME 49601CC – Climate Change & Renewable Energy

Research – Must complete Variable Title Form & Research Contract
ME 498 – 1st semester with professor and project
ME 499 – 2nd semester with same professor and working on same project

More 500 level graduate courses may be available but may not be suitable for all undergraduate students. You will need to check pre-requisites as they are more restrictive than 300/400 level courses, including needing a minimum grade of B in the pre-requisite course. After you confirm your eligibility for a 500 level course, please consult with your academic advisor to see if a specific 500 level course is right for you.