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Order of the Engineer

ME Graduating Seniors:

The Purdue Society of Professional Engineers (PSPE) is holding their biannual Order of the Engineer Ceremony, Monday evening 6-7pm EST, December 14nd, via Webex (see the appended message below for more details).  The Order of the Engineer is one-time ceremony offered to graduating seniors to enable new engineers to publicly pledge a commitment to high ethical standards and integrity in the practice of the engineering profession.  As such it is a ceremony honoring students’ transition to into their professional career.  A stainless steel ring, worn on the fifth finger of the working hand, serves as a symbol of this commitment to serving with integrity in their profession.

Over 30 years ago, I attended an Order of the Engineer Ceremony and to this day I have the signed pledge hanging on my office wall as a reminder of my obligation and responsibility as an engineer.  I encourage you to participate in this meaningful ceremony.  I have provided the official pledge statement below for your convenience.

If you are interested in participating in this meaningful ceremony, you will need to fill out the google form at the link provided in the message below.

Prof. Jones


James D. Jones
Associate Professor and Associate Head

I am contacting you guys on behalf of the Purdue Society of Professional Engineers (PSPE) again. We are holding our 99th Order of the Engineer ceremony. The event will take place Monday, December 14th at 6-7pm EST via WebEx. The Order of the Engineer is a simple and meaningful opportunity for graduating or graduated engineering students to show pride and responsibility in the engineering profession. The keynote speaker for this semester is Samuel Reed, Principal | Chairman Emritus Compliance Officer at BSA LifeStructures. I am going to link the registration page in this email. The registration form also has information about the sign up date, cost, and other details. If you would like to know more about why your students should participate or about Order of the Engineer check out our website at

Registration Page:

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Update on seasonal flu shot requirement for students

Update on seasonal flu shot requirement for students

A reminder that the Purdue Board of Trustees approved adding the annual influenza vaccination to the requirements for enrolled students as a condition to being on campus as a part of the university’s pandemic response measures and the Protect Purdue initiative. 

Any student who is currently classified as a residential student should receive a flu shot and upload documentation to the Student Health Center portal before Oct. 31. The university will begin the process of placing holds on student accounts after Nov. 1 for those students who have failed to meet the flu shot requirements. A hold on a student account will prevent a student from receiving a spring 2021 class schedule.

Those who are unable to get the vaccine due to a medical condition (physician’s note required) or religious reason will need to complete the Purdue University influenza declination form and upload it to the Student Health Center portal

A schedule of on-campus flu shot events and additional helpful information is available here.  

Note to students who were NOT on campus during Fall 2020: Students who were not on campus during Fall 2020 but will be a residential student in Spring 2021 should plan on receiving a flu shot prior to the start of class on Jan 19, 2021. This includes students who had off-campus assignments such as an internship or co-op during fall 2020, those who had selected the fully online option for fall 2020 but will return to campus in spring, and those who will be new residential student in spring 2021. These students should receive a flu shot from their health care provider or community pharmacy prior to the start of classes and submit documentation through the Student Health Center portal.