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Grief Absence Reporting – New Option

Student Support Services have created an option for students to report grief absences on line so that it can be reported at a time that is convenient for them.  It will gather information needed and walk them through how the grief absence process works.  It is located on the main ODOS website;  you will see a black box in the upper right hand corner that says “Report a grief absence.” Here is the page it is located at:

Once students complete the form, call ODOS or stop by, the office will still be connecting with the student and continue to advise students on concerns like working with faculty to make up missed work, how they are doing, do they have a support system in place, etc.

Two important things to note:

  1. It really needs to be the student who fills out this form, not others trying to be helpful. 
  1. This is for Grief Absence only.  It is not intended for students who are experiencing an illness (like the flu) to report it to ODOS as we have no authority to “excuse” this absence & don’t want to give false hope.   Per University policy, ODOS only has authority over grief absence & military leave.  The student’s individual faculty members have the discretion to determine if an absence is deemed “excused” in all other situations and therefore students need to work 1:1 with their instructor.    

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