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P/NP Policy Change Information

New P/NP Policy – You should have received an email regarding the new P/NP Policy. Here are some things the advisors would like you to keep in mind regarding these changes:

  • You have until May 1st to decide whether or not to make your courses Pass / No Pass.The advisors are encouraging all students to wait until at least mid April to make decisions on P/NP courses to have a better idea about what grades they can expect to earn.
  • P/NP is NOT Pass / Fail. If you choose this option of P/NP, in order to “Pass” and earn a “P” you must earn a C- or better in the course. If you are receiving grades, you need to earn a D- or better in all ME courses to move on in our sequencing. Please keep this in mind when you are making a decision. 
  • If you change your grade mode to P/NP and earn lower than a C- in the course, you will earn a “NP.” Earning an “NP” would mean you must repeat the course.
  • When deciding if this option is right for you, we encourage you to use the GPA calculator to see how this might impact your cumulative GPA: 
  • If you have questions regarding this policy change, please refer to the FAQs on the Registrar’s website: If your question cannot be answered there, please email your Academic Advisor.
  • Pre-Professional Advising Office wants you to “please know that this decision can impact a student’s future professional school applications. While at present it appears that schools are open to accepting P grades in required classes, that DOES NOT mean these grades will be seen as equally competitive against applicants who have regular grades for those same courses. This is a fluid situation. We encourage students to take their time with this decision. Pre-Professional Advising will be updating the COVID-19 section of our website as new information becomes available. ( All of the Pre-Professional Advisors are available for student appointments via BoilerConnect and checking the email.

The ME Undergraduate Advisors are always here to help! Please let your advisor know if you have questions or concerns regarding this policy. We want you to have all of the facts and get your questions answered.

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