CCO Inside Track | 04.06.2020

Since you can’t drop in to see us, the CCO staff want you to know we are still here to assist you remotely. Check out our CCO on the Go services!

On Demand Resources

Virtual Job Fair


Internship / Full-Time Opportunities
Are you still looking for an internship or full-time opportunity? There are still many job postings available to you right now through myCCO!

Summer Opportunity
TechPoint’s upcoming Sales Bootcamp program starts on May 14th! Sales Bootcamp is a four-week program for new grads and career changers designed to train and provide a first-hand experience working on sales teams at several Indy tech companies. The application closes on Friday, April 24th.
To learn more and apply, click here.

The Success Express Podcast
Continuing Education after Undergrad: Next Steps
Anyone considering grad school? Join us as Sam Mitchell walks us through the grad school application process on our latest episode of The Success Express. From deciding when to go to grad school to the waiting game after applications are submitted, we cover it all. 

Visit the CCO Blog to listen!

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