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Summer 2020 Update

We are writing to provide a few updates about Summer 2020.

As stated by Provost Akridge, our plan for summer is as follows:

  • Virtually all courses, graduate and undergraduate, that start in the months of May or June will be conducted remotely. Limited exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis for small scale experiential learning following a public health review and approval. Details on how departments can request exceptions will be shared with department heads soon. 
  • The decision on whether or not courses that start in July will be conducted face-to-face will be made no later than May 15. This includes Early Start, Summer Start and Summer College for High School programs.
  • It is our hope that we are able to offer all courses originally planned for summer in a remote format. Academic progress for all students continues to be a priority.
  • Students that need assistance with learning remotely can find resources here. The academic assistance programs that students depend on while on campus will continue to be available remotely. 

Additional information will be released soon, but here are some key things to consider:.

Schedule of Classes – Office of the Registrar

For all courses starting in either May or June, the meeting room will be changed to ONLINE.  The instructional method, meeting days and times will remain unchanged.  Each section will also include the following note: Due to COVID-19, this section will be delivered ONLINE.

Summer Aid Update – Division of Financial Aid

If students experience income loss such as a job change or job loss due to COVID-19, encourage students to contact the Division of Financial Aid to see if a special circumstance appeal is a possibility. A financial aid counselor will use information and numbers provided by the student to see if processing an appeal may change the student’s aid. Please note that students or their family members must be out of work or experiencing the income loss for at least 8 weeks for the Division of Financial Aid to be able to consider a special circumstance.

Billing Update – Office of the Bursar

For Summer 2020, the Office of the Bursar will not be processing a registration cancel run for non-payment. The Bursar will begin assessing summer fees starting on April 15.  Invoices will be sent on April 20 with a due date of June 15. 

For students who are planning to use financial aid to pay their tuition, they will be required to confirm their enrollment in order for their aid to disburse to their account.  If the student does not complete this step, their aid will not be disbursed to their account nor will they receive any excess aid refunds.  

Since we are not conducting a registration cancel for Summer 2020, it is important that students understand the drop/add deadlines and University refund policy.  Published dates are on the Registrar’s website at  Students will be able to find this information for all modules.  If a course falls outside of the listed modules, they can check the short course calendar.

If a student with financial aid is considering dropping a course, please have them discuss this decision with the Division of Financial Aid to make sure the student understands the  implications to their financial aid.

Campus Housing – University Residences

University Residences will accommodate students who need to remain on campus over the summer for various reasons (e.g., lack of internet access at home, travel restrictions).  More information to come. 

Think Summer!

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