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Foreign (SLC) Language Placement Test Update

We have some updates on SLC Language Placement Testing:

  • Today we are pleased to roll out a fully-online SLC Language Placement Test. Please visit our placement testing page for details:
  • Please send your students needing to take the placement test to this webpage. They will be able to download a manual with step-by-step instructions.
  • Our current plan is to have this test up and running continuously.
  • It may take a few business days before we can review the student’s test session footage and validate their placement results. Once validated, their score will be uploaded to Banner and SharePoint, as before.
  • The official name of the test has been changed from “Foreign Language Placement Test (FLPT)” to “SLC Language Placement Test (SLCLPT)”.
  • We now have a new email address for placement test related inquiries:

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